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Japanese Baseball Stadiums
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Welcome to my Strat-O-Matic Baseball Page. Included on this page are a variety of Japanese Baseball Stadiums created for use with the Strat-O-Matic Computer Baseball game. All of the content is free for you to use.

Please remember that the Strat-O-Matic Game company produces our favorite games and that we should continue to help support them. This site is intended to enhance your game playing experience and in turn increase interest in SOM games.

Strat-O-Matic Japanese Baseball Stadiums

Please note we have sequenced these using Bp080- 099. You must replace the J in the code for the Bp + loc files with a zero (e.g. BpJ81d/BpJ81d.loc, change to Bp081/Bp081d.loc).
If you are using our "dead ball" park series then be sure to change this set to code #s that you're not already using.

Central League
BpJ80    Tokyo Dome                   Yomiuri Giants (1988 >)
BpJ81    Hiroshima Municipal Stadium  Hiroshima Carp (1957 >)
BpJ82    Meiji Jingu Stadium          Yakult Swallows (1964-2002)
BpJ83    Yokohama Stadium             Yokohama BayStars (1978 >)
BpJ84    Nagoya Stadium               Chunichi Dragons (1953-96)
BpJ85    Koshien Stadium              Hanshin Tigers (1952 >)
BpJ86    Korakuen Stadium             Yomiuri Giants (1952-87)
BpJ87    Kawasaki Stadium             Taiyo Whales [nee BayStars] 
BpJ88    Nagoya Dome                  Chunichi Dragons (1997>)

Pacific League
BpJ80    Tokyo Dome                   Nippon Ham Fighters (1988 >)
BpJ86    Korakuen Stadium             Nippon Ham Fighters (1964-87)
BpJ87    Kawasaki Stadium             Lotte Orions [nee Marines] 
BpJ90    Seibu Lions Stadium*         Seibu Lions (1979-98)
BpJ91    Chiba Marine Stadium         Chiba Lotte Marines (1992 >)
BpJ92    Green Stadium Kobe           Orix BlueWave (1991 >**)
BpJ93    Fukuoka Dome                 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (1993 >)
BpJ94    Fujiidera Stadium            Kintetsu Buffaloes (1952-96)
BpJ95    Nishinomiya Stadium***       Hankyu Braves [neeBlueWave] 
BpJ96    Osaka Stadium****            Nankai Hawks [nee Fukuoka Daiei] 
BpJ97    Osaka Dome                   Kintetsu Buffaloes (1997 >)

*     Seibu Dome used as a stand-in. The dome was built
      on to the infrastructure of the old Stadium.
**    Renamed Yahoo BB Stadium in 2003 (nope, as in BroadBand).
***   The J95d image is Nishinomiya, which is the best we have 
      for it, but if you want something that looks more 
      ballparky, we co-opted Matsuyama Park as J95n.
****  Used Sapporo Park as we don't have a useable OS
      image. Just think of this as a "Countryside" stadium - 
      the rural ballfields that play host to around 10% of 
      the schedule in order to accomodate the fans outside 
      of the 2 major conurbations. 

Click on the stadium image to download the zip file that contains the .bmp and .loc files. Do not use "Save Picture as...".

Download Download
Osaka Dome Osaka Stadium
Fujiidera Stadium Fujiidera Stadium
Fujiidera Stadium Heiwadai Stadium
Nagoya Stadium Nagoya Dome
Chiba Marine Stadium Chiba Marine Stadium
Fukuoka Dome Green Stadium
Green Stadium Green Stadium
Meiji Jingu Stadium Meiji Jingu Stadium
Hiroshima Municipal Stadium Hiroshima Municipal Stadium
Tokyo Dome Tokyo Dome
Koshien Stadium Koshien Stadium
Yokohama Stadium Yokohama Stadium
Nishinomiya Stadium Nishinomiya Stadium
Korakuen Stadium Korakuen Stadium
Kawasaki Stadium Kawasaki Stadium
Seibu Stadium Seibu Stadium

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